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Hell? Yep, Im back ...  
11:31pm 20/06/2011
For your confusion, commas are left out ...

This has been, not exaggerating, an insane week. Ive had to deal w/ internet loss, viruses, and a rear view mirror that keeps coming unglued from my front windshield.

The good stuff comes in the form of watching FireFly w/ the Hubby, and getting caught up w/ Sanctuary.

Excited for our, Christmas in July, plans.

Anxious to actually say that Im done of, Creator Born 2. The idea as to have it ready for July. Yes narcissistic, but everybody was going to get a copy. :)

Looking forward to working on my next project. Im already a few pages into it, and Im liking where it seems to be heading.

Quick gaming news: I seem to be weaning myself from gaming - every so slowly mind you. Im proud to say Im a gamer chick. Hah!

Hugs. Love and Kisses.

Your, Storygirl.
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