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I Must Like the Food ...  
01:44pm 09/05/2012
Ok, although this is going to be a section in, At The Heart of Turner Syndrome, I wanted to share just a bit of whats been going on the last few days, Here.

Over the last, nearly 2 Months now, I guess, I have felt, Off. Twinges of something on my left hand side, and a persistent nagging, horrible cough. I saw a new Cardiologist, Long story. Anyway, he readily agreed to a CT scan and an Echo. I of course ensured that all tests would go to my brilliant Cardiac Surgeon. The Surgeon who did my surgery last July.

That same day, they called advising they noticed a change since the previous CT scan and ordered blood work. The next Friday, the 4th, I had the Echo. They also did a bubble test, to check for holes in the heart. Also, on that day I went to see my family Dr. for my cough. She gave me a script for a chest x-ray. Within 10 minutes of getting the x-ray done, the Radiologist called her, and told her to call me to advice me to get my butt to emergency. Ok, dont think he used the word butt ... anyway, she called me to let me know they found an aneurysm, and to drive to emergency immediately. And, in the hospital is where I've been since. Now, the aneurysm was actually intentional, we've found out. The surgeon expanded because it was so narrowed.

One thing they have told me is that there seems to be a clot, I believe near the the graph, site. Im on a blood thinner (needle in the belly) and an Aspirin regiment, now.

I have been on antibiotics, and so far theyve done a wild test where they take your blood, inject it w/ radioactive isotopes then put it back into you. The following day (today) I had a bunch of scans done. Combined, this should tell them if theres an infection and where.

Now, I just wait for results.
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Busy. Busy. Busy  
11:54am 18/03/2012
Well, its been a very busy and eventful Feb and March. My Sister and her Hubby will not be able to make it in May. My Mom is still going to try. Heres hoping! Were wanting to have a couple maintenance things done in the Condo before then.
Theres been alot of Dr. Appts as well. I actually have an appt on Monday for a Contacts fitting They finally came in! Soo excited to be wearing them again. Made a Dentist appt for a cleaning. And Ive already been to my 'Family Dr." my 'Gyno', 'Endo', and Ill be seeing my Neurologist on Tuesday. Hah! Good things is, its been all good news so far.
Im fighting to keep my weight down. Because of heart stuff, Ive been a little worried, w/ restricting my cal intake too much, etc. I dont want it creeping up, but I dont think I can safely go back to being super stringent, either. Unfortunatley I dont do 'happy medium' well at all.
Oh! The cat even has an appt. Ling is getting her teeth cleaned on Weds. Poor Girl.
The Hubbys all excited about Guild Wars2. Theres actually date for PreRelease now. Im willing to give it a try. :)
Alright, enough babbling.

Hugs, Love and Kisses,
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Daily Vent / Babble  
12:24pm 04/03/2012
Sometimes, being a home owner can suck. There are so many things we need. We Need new windows, I want new blinds. We Need a new water heater. Ours is like 21 years old ... and I want paint. I want colour.
I love the fact that the place is ours. Well, someday ours. Heh! But, its alot of work, and worse, its alot of money for all this maintenance. Im just venting. it can just get frustrating. Theres always an issue w/ trying to get ahead. This year we were suppose to get caught up. Unfortunately my aorta exploded last year, and kinda threw things for a loop. Hah!
Anyway, I may be officially babbling. :)
Love, hugs, and kisses,
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Long Awaited?  
12:23pm 04/03/2012
Im going to blame the lack of journal writing to the fact that I live on Facebook, so after all my 'status updates', Im kinda at a loss for what to say. :)
For those that dont know, I had open heart surgery in July of 2011. Due to complications w/ fluid not draining from my lungs, a collapsed right lung, and a paralized left vocal cord, my recovery took a bit longer that anticipated. I was out of work for approx 4 months. Ive gained back most of my strength, and pretty much feel back to normal. I have a freaky scar now, though, down the center of my chest. Its fading nicely. Hubby helped me find a really good scar cream.
On the writing front, Im actually doing a 2nd autobiography pertaining to the surgery and the long recovery process. Since Feb. was T.S. awareness month, Im going to put Big Things in Little Packages on for .99 Cents on Smashwords.
Mom, my sister and her hubby are visiting in May. I cant wait. My mom was with us for a couple months after my surgery. Its going to be nice for her to see me totally back to myself. Were going to spend a couple days in VA Beach. Were all Very excited. :)
Anyway. Ciao for now!
Love, hugs and Kisses,
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Lil Bit O Babble  
09:41pm 29/06/2011
Wow, the 1st thing I realized when doing this entry, was my error on my last 2

prev entries. I had used the word commas, when in fact, it should have been

apostrophes. Big oops! But, anyway ...

The countdown for our Vac has officially started. Everyone is sooo excited. We

even bought a new camera for theoccasion. The one we had lasted eight years, so

not a bad track record.

Also couldnt resist and bought Sucker Punch. Have already watched it a couple

times, and thats just since yesterday.

Tomorrow starts a 4 day work week b/c of the Holiday. Cant wait. Having 3 days

off in a row is gonna be sweet.


Looking for more followers on:


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Hell? Yep, Im back ...  
11:31pm 20/06/2011
For your confusion, commas are left out ...

This has been, not exaggerating, an insane week. Ive had to deal w/ internet loss, viruses, and a rear view mirror that keeps coming unglued from my front windshield.

The good stuff comes in the form of watching FireFly w/ the Hubby, and getting caught up w/ Sanctuary.

Excited for our, Christmas in July, plans.

Anxious to actually say that Im done of, Creator Born 2. The idea as to have it ready for July. Yes narcissistic, but everybody was going to get a copy. :)

Looking forward to working on my next project. Im already a few pages into it, and Im liking where it seems to be heading.

Quick gaming news: I seem to be weaning myself from gaming - every so slowly mind you. Im proud to say Im a gamer chick. Hah!

Hugs. Love and Kisses.

Your, Storygirl.
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And The Days Continue.  
09:32pm 08/06/2011

For your confusion, commas are left out. Heh!

Well, alot going on, and nothing going on.

Im very happy to state that, Creator Born 2, is pretty

much comcplete. Just a smidgen of more tweaking. Yay!

I had wanted it to be rdy for when we do our, Christmas in

July Vacation, but cant promise anything.

I am sooo thrilled that my Niece is designing the cover.

Shes beautiful, amazingly smart, and soooo talented.

On the meds front: they think my BP may be high.

I have a monitor thingy that I use if I get the tightness

in the chest, and the palpitations. Hoping beyond hope

I dont need meds for it.

Funny thing about it all is if I dont send it back in a

Month, theres a $450 chrg. Thats enough to raise

anyones BP, eh?

I officially have hearing aids. If youre good, I may post a pic. Hah!

All my Dental crap is pretty much taken care of.

I get my 'partial' a day b/f our Vacation. Hopefully I can

go a few years w/ just normal cleanings.

If anyone wants more info on the food/exercise thing. Pls email

at: storygirl69@gmail.net

Your Storygirl.

Hugs, Love and Kisses.
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(no subject)  
07:56pm 24/11/2009
Yes, I know, I always go too long between writing an entry. I think b/c I now use Twitter and Facebook, I guess I dont have that much to talk about. :p

We had a great time at my Moms over the Canadian Thanksgiving. Yes, Im lame, and lazy, so thats why no pics yet. Im losing weight, so maybe Ill add one when I get that bikini bod. Hah!

Been physically feelin' on and off for awhile, so, writing is slow going again. No clue, but, not much I can do. Its something I want / need to come naturally. The confidence will come. Seems to be alot riding on this one; emotionally. Maybe the calorie restricting is fuzzing my brain. :p

Hubby and I have been spending more 'quality' time together, which is nice. This Thursday, for the U.S. Thanksgiving, were heading to his parents. Im always a bit nervous, which is silly, but, hey thats me.

More writing when my muse allows. :)
Till then, working, WoW playing, and rewatching the Charmed series.

mood: sillysilly
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Writing Update  
12:09pm 19/08/2009

Two great things happened writing wise this week!

ChicGalleria   Is doing a promo give away - signed copy, etc.

Spinetinglers  Did a great review on Beyond My Imagination - The Fantasy Short Story Collection.  Once its officially on the Site, Ill post a link.

Ive been pushing to try to finish up CB2 by the the beginning of Oct.  Life has been mostly work, writing, and keepig up w/ FaceBook, Twitter and here of course.  Im also on MySpace.  Must keep my name out there.  Hah!  Gawd that sounds funny.

Follow me at:




I  still try to get on WoW when I can, but, its a bit on the 'back burner' w/ turning my mind set around, and focusing on my writing.  My acct actually got hacked about a Month ago, so, once they got em' back in stock, both the hubby and I got Authenticators.

Getting a craving for Chinese food.  Heh!

Ciao for now!
AKA - Storygirl
mood: artisticartistic
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This and That  
11:09am 14/07/2009


Not a whole bunch of news, but, thought Id post Something seeing as its been a few days. 

Been alot more consistant w/ CB 2 the last couple of weeks - think there was some fear / confidence stuff going on.  Working past that (the feedback I get from the 1st book def helps w/ that) and so the 2nd installment is really coming along.  I think Oct. is when itll be rdy to submit or self publish, whatever I decide. 

Im not sure if having a book out there already would help or hurt w/ getting an agent etc.  Not that Ive been known to do things the easy way, anyway.  Heh! 

Hubby and I are starting to think about what we want to do to the Condo, and trying to get a plan to actually Save the money for it.  I think a tankless heat pump, heater, whatever its called, would be the best bet.  We know we want all new windows at some point, and I really, really want to replace the patio door.  (the screen doesnt really work on it, so sucks for gettting 'fresh' air.

We plan on catching Harry Potter tomorrow night, obviously 'Fandangoing' the tickets.  hehe  Should have tried to reread the book b/f hand but ...  ah well.  Seeing as Im off tomorrow, really need to think about getting my hair cut.  Heh!

Give Away for CB or Big Things in Little Packages:
just be 75th person to follow me on Twitter.


P.S.  Tks Tizzrah for the great time at the housewarming.  :)


mood: tiredtired
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