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And The Days Continue.  
09:32pm 08/06/2011

For your confusion, commas are left out. Heh!

Well, alot going on, and nothing going on.

Im very happy to state that, Creator Born 2, is pretty

much comcplete. Just a smidgen of more tweaking. Yay!

I had wanted it to be rdy for when we do our, Christmas in

July Vacation, but cant promise anything.

I am sooo thrilled that my Niece is designing the cover.

Shes beautiful, amazingly smart, and soooo talented.

On the meds front: they think my BP may be high.

I have a monitor thingy that I use if I get the tightness

in the chest, and the palpitations. Hoping beyond hope

I dont need meds for it.

Funny thing about it all is if I dont send it back in a

Month, theres a $450 chrg. Thats enough to raise

anyones BP, eh?

I officially have hearing aids. If youre good, I may post a pic. Hah!

All my Dental crap is pretty much taken care of.

I get my 'partial' a day b/f our Vacation. Hopefully I can

go a few years w/ just normal cleanings.

If anyone wants more info on the food/exercise thing. Pls email

at: storygirl69@gmail.net

Your Storygirl.

Hugs, Love and Kisses.
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