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Busy. Busy. Busy  
11:54am 18/03/2012
Well, its been a very busy and eventful Feb and March. My Sister and her Hubby will not be able to make it in May. My Mom is still going to try. Heres hoping! Were wanting to have a couple maintenance things done in the Condo before then.
Theres been alot of Dr. Appts as well. I actually have an appt on Monday for a Contacts fitting They finally came in! Soo excited to be wearing them again. Made a Dentist appt for a cleaning. And Ive already been to my 'Family Dr." my 'Gyno', 'Endo', and Ill be seeing my Neurologist on Tuesday. Hah! Good things is, its been all good news so far.
Im fighting to keep my weight down. Because of heart stuff, Ive been a little worried, w/ restricting my cal intake too much, etc. I dont want it creeping up, but I dont think I can safely go back to being super stringent, either. Unfortunatley I dont do 'happy medium' well at all.
Oh! The cat even has an appt. Ling is getting her teeth cleaned on Weds. Poor Girl.
The Hubbys all excited about Guild Wars2. Theres actually date for PreRelease now. Im willing to give it a try. :)
Alright, enough babbling.

Hugs, Love and Kisses,
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