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This and That  
11:09am 14/07/2009


Not a whole bunch of news, but, thought Id post Something seeing as its been a few days. 

Been alot more consistant w/ CB 2 the last couple of weeks - think there was some fear / confidence stuff going on.  Working past that (the feedback I get from the 1st book def helps w/ that) and so the 2nd installment is really coming along.  I think Oct. is when itll be rdy to submit or self publish, whatever I decide. 

Im not sure if having a book out there already would help or hurt w/ getting an agent etc.  Not that Ive been known to do things the easy way, anyway.  Heh! 

Hubby and I are starting to think about what we want to do to the Condo, and trying to get a plan to actually Save the money for it.  I think a tankless heat pump, heater, whatever its called, would be the best bet.  We know we want all new windows at some point, and I really, really want to replace the patio door.  (the screen doesnt really work on it, so sucks for gettting 'fresh' air.

We plan on catching Harry Potter tomorrow night, obviously 'Fandangoing' the tickets.  hehe  Should have tried to reread the book b/f hand but ...  ah well.  Seeing as Im off tomorrow, really need to think about getting my hair cut.  Heh!

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P.S.  Tks Tizzrah for the great time at the housewarming.  :)


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